Natural Foods are the foods that are free from chemicals & pesticides and do not contain additives like flavoring, food colors or antibiotics. Our practices are combination methods of organic produce and are naturally procured with absolutely no machine processing.

Natural foods follow simple and traditional production practices and are free of artificial additives, chemicals & pesticides and are only manually processed to bring them to edible forms.

Organic foods are produced, manufactured and handled using organic methods with fewer artificial processes, materials and conditions, such as chemical ripening, food irradiation, and genetically modified ingredients.

Our products are GMO-free combining techniques of natural farming to produce organic and healthy foods.

Flour is grinned using manual method of “hand chakki” which is turned slower than the rate of 90RPM unlike machines which operate over 2400RPM forcing to lose the nutrients.

Spices are powdered through “hand crusher” and Oils are wooden “cold-pressed” systems operated manually.

Rice & Pulses are “hand pounded” by their husks and sun-dried

Sugar and Jaggery are “chemical-free” from sulfur thus promoting it in its raw and authentic state

Since Natural Foods are being cultivated without usage of fertilizers and pesticides or artificial preservatives, the foods have a limited shelf life of 6 months.

As natural preservatives, neem leaves and rock salt are used.

Natural: Our natural products are simply the foods that are intended by the nature. The foods are not grown chemically or induced with pesticides thereby reducing allergies and preventing other human health hazards.

Wholesome: Whole foods are rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants, b-vitamins, and trace minerals (such as: iron, zinc, copper, magnesium). By consuming more of this product we can reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and certain cancers.

Manually Processed: Machine induced churning process or pounding the foods is done over 2400rpm. Our foods are manually processed at a speed less than 90rpm which helps conserve the nutrients which are lost otherwise.

Sustainable: Our products enable the communities through employment of farmers,women & homemakers – making it a complete sustainable model.

Affordable: Our natural foods are adequately priced at a reasonable subscription price every month that ensures a balanced budget as well as to promote long-term healthy eating benefits.

All our products are sold through our distribution network of women across Mumbai.

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Every bag of product has a tag with a QR code which can be scanned to gain digital access to its authenticity certificate.The products are certified by the government accredited labs.

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